New Leaf

SE1 Ep1: Hannah Howard: Giving Ourselves the Space to be Imperfect

August 31, 2020

The funny, warm and super sharp author and food writer Hannah Howard is my guest on this episode. American mama to her 4.5 month old and married to a Brummie, working, living and mama-ing over in New York City, having given birth at the height of the pandemic and in the epicentre of covid in the United States. I had the most wonderful time speaking to Hannah. We navigated the most enormous range of topics, ranging from US Healthcare and birth politics of race and socioeconomics, to her experience of fleeing New York City at 37 weeks pregnant, to maternity leave as a freelancer, to breast-feeding after a breast reduction, with a long portion towards the end of this episode discussing eating disorder recovery in the context of pregnancy and then motherhood and the identity politics that comes with it. Explicit rating due to dropping the F-Bomb twice (sorry mum) but aside from that, I promise it's baby-ears-friendly.

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