New Leaf

SE1 Ep9: Little Gems - Christmas Special

December 22, 2020

So my FINAL guest for Series 1, Episode 9 is not ONE guest at all... but is a Christmas collection of FOUR guests who are going to be making up my collection of #littlegems of advice, lessons, joys and sadnesses of motherhood and 2020 (4 for the price of 1? You can’t say I’m not spoiling you this Christmas.....)

From 4 very different backgrounds...

--> Hamisha Metha mama to Anya and Neha, talks mother AND mother-in-law moving in with you post C-section, Indian food traditions for new mamas and how she prioritised mental stimulation on mat leave
->Laura Cutajar @lauramalteaser mama to Logan, talks shared parental leave, owning your parenting decisions, and about mothering without a mother, after she lost her own when she was 7 months pregnant 💔
-->Emily Button-Lynham @emilybuttoncreative , mama to Rufus and Business / Life Coach talks identity shifts, quitting the rat race, reprioritising and being your own boss
--> Becs Scottorn mama to Teddy and Principal at LEK Consulting talks practical advice for curating your own return to work and carving your own path, as well as the perils of pandemic parenting

These are all EXTRAORDINARY women with incredible stories. 2020 has been an absolutely bananas year. We’re all going a bit mad. And we all need a break. So let’s go out with a bang.

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