New Leaf

SE2 Ep.1: Helen Rankin: Cheeky Wipes

February 11, 2021

Laetitia kicks of Series 2 with Helen Rankin, Founder and CEO of Cheeky Wipes and mum of 4, exploring her journey from Northern Ireland and working a 9-5 in a bank, all the way to founding her now multi-million pound company (whilst 37 weeks pregnant, with her third child. As one does). 

We discuss how the topics of pee poo and sex are not exactly no-go subjects in her household and the massive contrast to her socially conservative upbringing in 1970s Northern Ireland. We also talk Sex Ed, her desire to have sons that understand and embrace the very real, everyday bodily functions of women, and the role of social media in how young people view sex today. 

Helen's journey is a slow and steady success story, and also is a real reality check.  We're so used to hearing about overnight success companies, so-called unicorns, startups, or influencers who've made millions in five minutes, when actually the vast majority of success stories are long and hard grafts whose successes ebb and flow.  Helen was right place, right time with a lot of hard work with her products, and there's no denying we are all certainly thinking more and more about how we can do things more sustainably to make the world better for our little people.


Introducing - Helen. 


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