New Leaf

SE2 Ep 4: Helen Wills: Life in Multicolour

March 25, 2021

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I found Helen through the Instagram algorithm (yep!) where her insanely colourful and vibrant photos kept popping up on my explore feed until I decided to do something about them....... as a #toddlermum myself, my world is light years away from teenagers and all the additional challenges that comes with them - orrrr..... so I thought . Helen corrected me on this one pretty quickly ..... 


Helen discusses her crazy journey to the blissfully rainbow world she now lives in, from managing 100+ London pubs as a 23 year old, to the brewing (and managing) of severe anxiety, to a gruelling #IVFjourney 16 years ago, to the incredible heartache that comes with unsuccessful medical intervention in fertility, to #PCOS, to saying #fuckit to everything to emigrate to Canada to be a ski instructor, to be given one more shot and be granted a baby , to #PPD / #PND - twice - and her incredible journey to finding her voice through her baby daughters voice to make a living through a highly successful blog, following and (recently!!) podcast Teenage Kicks (song now officially in my head until end of the day)


Quite apart from how obviously wise Helen is , she is also just out and out 50s glamorous goals tbh, who shows us that if we are really, really passionate about something - that we don’t have to put up with the 9-5 and can create our own colour 


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